Thursday, June 7, 2012

Small incremental updates aren't terribly satisfying

And yet, here's our new (old) rug for the den:

I LOVE IT. Thank you, ebay. [Oh yeah, there's that wonderful new(old) table again.]

Last weekend the Man spent some time putting the baseboard trim back up (he'd taken it down when the floor guys did the floor and was unsure if we should use the old stuff (scratched up from the previous owners' little yippy dog*) or get new. We decided to go with the old stuff since it was just sitting in the basement and it really made the room start to look good again. So we became eager to finish it. Which is why I'm obsessed with the den this week. But hey - progress!

*We assume it was a little yippy dog because:
-There are scratch marks low on the doors
-There are scratch marks on several different window sills like the window seat window sills where a little dog may have been longingly looking out the window and possibly shivering because all of those little things shiver
-From the style of the decor when the Man got the place I think a small yippy dog would have fit in great

Things that are unpleasant or weird (to me)
  • I'm not sure why all the muffins and cookies are made for giants. Every time we have any at a work meeting they end up being divided into at least two and generally four pieces for different people. Regular sized cookies and muffins would be a delight.
  • I hate it so much when pockets get all wrinkly in the wash and then they're bunchy inside your pants when you wear them. I refuse to iron pockets.
  • People who stand in the middle of walkways/stairwells, and see others coming, but do little-to-nothing to move out of the way. I don't always want to pass you by walking in the street, people. 

Things that are awesome (to me)
  • Muffins/cookies
  • Getting good deals on pretty things
  • It's almost Friday


Wonderland2 said...

I totally agree with all of your comments. And I dig your rug. I'd like to inspect your progress in person. :)

Leslie said...

Well, I'd be happy to have you here, Inspektor. I'm certain you'll find everything up to code.