Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Something to look forward to (artichoke)*

For the next few weeks at work, we're getting our annual accounting audit done. It's possible that posting will be lighter than usual.
This is not to say that I'm an important part of this audit - I'm not. At all. But it looks bad if everyone is running around like crazy trying to find evidence of the actual price we paid for an asset 4 years ago and I'm sitting here blogging, you know?


Over the weekend I went to a derby party and at the end I walked out the door in my tall high heels and missed one of the narrow stone steps and now I have a giant bruise on my left thigh.
Bad news: I have a giant, hurty bruise on my left thigh.
Good news: This bruise is in the shape of the StarFleet symbol thingy, so I look kind of hardcore when I'm naked. (Too bad the Man doesn't know about the StarFleet thing, because we could probably work this into a hot sexy-role-play thing.)
After the derby party we went to a different party with some lovely theatre folk and there I discussed with J and A some stupid things that I routinely do (e.g. fall down) and they did the same and I felt better.

NON-BRUISE-RELATED / Stuff to look forward to:
I'm seeing Regina Spektor on Thursday night with J. That should be fun because I like J and I like pretty songs.
I'm heading to the Brimfield Antiques Show on Saturday with M and I have been given the blessing of the Man to buy some things for the house. For the sake of clarification: I would have bought stuff anyway, but he wouldn't have been happy about it and that could have been awkward. Now I have a mission to get certain things (sadly, none of those things is a living room chair - my favorite thing!) and I like to hunt for certain things so everyone wins and no one feels defeated or like they don't get to buy nice vintage things.

So, yay!

*just avoiding the whole ending-with-a-preposition thing...**
**though I do really like artichokes


Sarah Berry said...

Excellent news - Grammar Girl tells me (via her podcast) that this is one of the biggest grammar myths and that you ARE allowed to end a sentence with a preposition as long as the sentence can't do without it. You're only not allowed to use one at the end when the sentence would mean the same without it.

"Where are you at?" (Not ok, since you don't need the "at")

Horray for Prepositions everywhere!

Leslie said...

That's nice indeed. The Man and I were discussing this very rule last night, and I actually came down on the side of just letting people do it if the sentence has to be completely restructured otherwise. I mostly just put the "artichoke" there because I wanted to include the word "artichoke".

Thanks for providing our grammarical fun for the day!

Sarah Berry said...

See? You're so grammar savvy that you can just INTUIT the rules without even knowing them! Very impressive.

Leslie said...

Thanks! And I meant *grammatical*... typo :(