Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This is the giant peony blossom that is pulling the whole plant down (though its friends are helping). Clearly I need to stake this mofo.

We've been doing a lot in the garden, and it's been going well, but I am a notorious plant killah, so I am just waiting for stuff to start dying on me. I can't claim success for this bloom because the plant was installed by the house's previous owners. Ditto the mutantly large hostas. Once the sun comes out I'll take some pictures of the garden since we've actually put stuff in it, but before the plant-genocide starts.

Otherwise, not much is new. The Man and I are going to New Hampshire for a couple of days this weekend to his parents' lake cottage. That should be good.
There's just not much stuff to update about... days are busy at work and nights are busy doing... whatever it is I've been doing at night... auditions*, Home Depot, yoga, whatever.

OH! Yesterday I spent a lot of money. That was exciting (in that way where I want to puke). I bought plane tickets for the Man and me to go to Mexico in November (my parents have a time share and they and my brother will meet us in Nuevo Vallarta). And I bought a couch so that we can move our current couch to the den (we have a den AND a living room! LUXURY!) so that the den can stop being a transfer station for tools/bikes/dirty yoga clothes, and start being a den. THAT will make me happy about our house progress.

*I was going to "take the summer off" from doing theatre stuff, as I've heard people say so many times, because they're burnt out. But the truth is, I am not at all burnt out on theatre stuff, and I'm not even sure if that's possible. It's something I love love love and sure I might not get cast but why on earth would I not at least try? So. I may have the summer off, but it won't be because I didn't try. TRYING!


feather nester said...

Hooray for trying! So happy for you that you have that outlet and have been so successful aand enjoyed it so much.

Unknown said...

If you're not tired of theatre, then I think it's great to keep getting out there. I'm taking at least the summer off--and probably most of the next year--from specific shows, because I want to be able to focus on the new house and developing a routine there, and because I want to have more time for another Big Rock in my life. But I'll be around and there will be other shows!