Friday, May 11, 2012

I want to get some curly fries with Regina Spektor

Last night's Regina Spektor show was freakin' great. Here are some facts:

  • She is probably the cutest person in the whole universe (including parallel universes)

  • She is charming and her songs are either sweet and sad or silly and clever. Those are great combinations.

  • I expected her to be very efficient because the "k" in Spektor made me think she was German but then she seemed adorably flighty so I was confused and later I realized that her singing is so controlled and precise that it made sense again. Also, she might be flighty. But hey - impressive vocal acrobatics.

  • A guy sitting next to J said that Regina Spektor likes "sounds" and "making different sounds". Dude was right, because she had no shame about making all kinds of wonderful and weird sounds and vocal percussion and she reminded me of when you're a kid and you're learning what your voice can do except everything out of her mouth was art. 

So my verdict is that I would like to buy her some curly fries and then have her sing an impromptu ditty about curly fries.

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The Perfect Space said...

I think she's Russian. And I agree with every word of your review of the show.