Friday, April 20, 2012

Ummm... Should I be concerned?

Re: Drinking

I like it. I don't generally feel like I need it. I don't really have hang-ups about it, and I'm pretty responsible. I certainly don't drink every day, but...

Monday (Patriot's Day):
1 beer with lunch
2 beers later with friends at pub
2 margaritas at dinner out

1 beer with dinner out

1 beer with lunch (shut up my boss was there)
1 big glass with several mid-way refills of Proseco at work wine tasting (so maybe 3 full glasses)
Probably 1 to 2 drinks/beers while out with L

Is this turning into a problem? maybe I should just not plan anything for next week and lay low to off-set this week? Yes. I'll do that. I'm sure that will cancel out whatever damage I've done to my liver. Of course, the Man and I do like to have a glass or two of wine with dinner in... Ugh. Making smart decisions is hard.


The Perfect Space said...

Does this mean you're surprising me with mimosas tomorrow?

Merefitz said...

I appreciate you keeping up support of the booze industry until I'm back in the saddle, its only right really... ;)