Monday, April 23, 2012

Some befores and afters

This weekend was pretty good, between the doing of fun things and the doing of things that needed to be done. I had dinner with L, which was nice because of the sangria, and the visiting of the place where we performed As You Like It, and the JP Licks ice cream, and the brief discussion of that one episode of The Simpsons where Lisa has that science project where she puts a tooth in some cola to see what will happen, and this tiny civilization emerges. You know that one, right? Classic. So yeah: delightful company = delightful evening.

The Man and I also tackled some things, and I feel like even though the house isn't "done", you'll allow me to show you some bits.

Here is the bathroom, before we fixed it, but after we took out some of the huge, dark cabinetry (thus the blank spots on the wall):

And here it is now:
So much lighter! And cleaner! And no octagonal pink sink! Or faux pearls spray-painted gold in shadow boxes (oh yes, we had those)!

And, here is the fussy old chandelier:
Compared to the newer, non-fussy, flush-mount light:
I could not be happier with the way things are going, house-wise. It's so fun to make a house yours, despite the time and work and cost. I don't think so much about those things when I'm looking at what we've accomplished so far.

The frequent misuse of the tenses of the verb "to drink" always gets to me.
I drink water each day.
I drank water yesterday.
I have drunk water for years.

That is all. Enjoy your Monday.

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Unknown said...

Oh, the change! So much better.