Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mmmmm... Brownies...

Last night at rehearsal, one of the angels that acts in the show, J, provided us all with just-baked nutty brownies. Oh my were they fine. I had three. In fact, several people had two or three. As we were all standing there in a circle talking to each other (quietly, so as not to disturb the people actually acting), I noticed that everyone had strong brownie-breath.

There are FAR far worse things than pleasantly chatting with several people who all have brownie breath.

Today the Man is working from home because it will be a VERY productive stuff-at-home day. Home Depot is coming to deliver our washer/dryer and dishwasher. The electrical inspector is coming to check on some work. The internet people are coming to connect our house to this century. And probably the Man will be able to do a lot of the organizing he wasn’t able to do last week since he was at a conference for most of the week. YAY, progress!

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die Frau said...

Just make sure the washer is better set up than ours was: The men were in a hurry and because I had to buy an extra valve thingie to attach the gas cord from the washer to the one in the wall, they told me how to do it, saying something about "pipe dope". I didn't quite know what that was, not realizing it's essential for a seal so GAS DOESN'T FILL UP YOUR BASEMENT. Cut to the next morning, me opening the basment door, and practically passing out from the fumes. But I doubt the Man will let such things happen.

I wish I had brownie breath right now....