Wednesday, March 14, 2012


When I got my first job after moving to Massachusetts I developed a coffee habit.
The coffee was free in the office kitchen, and I was all “FREE COFFEE! Massachusetts is a land of plenty!” and I had about five or six cups a day. I was so productive! After several weeks I realized what I’d done and started to wean myself. HEADACHES. So many headaches.

After that I was careful not to put myself in the same position. I mostly enjoyed coffee after dinners in restaurants, or when I was near a Starbucks. I never had too much.

But recently, with the move, and an increased load of work, and rehearsals, and just generally cruddy sleep, I’ve been drinking some coffee in the morning and then I crash so I also have some in the afternoon. I should really just stop now because I know how this is going to go. But there always seems to be something that I have to be prepared for, or awake for… The thought of getting up this morning was kind of miserable and I was already tired when I stepped off the T in Central Square on the way to work. Sooooooo, now I’m having some coffee. I’ll try to make it my last of the day, but I have an important meeting this afternoon and then rehearsal later. Bleeeergghhhhh.


Ouiser said...

Wait a second. Are there offices that don't have free coffee?

Leslie said...

Yes. Those places are sad :(