Friday, February 10, 2012

Phone conversation with the Man

I was in the office late, waiting for J so we could go to dinner in Central. The Man had just gotten home and was calling to check in.

Leslie: I can hear the cats in the background.

Man: Yes. They wish you were home. They're yelling your name - except it sounds weird when they say it.

L: Oh? Are they saying "Meeeeoooowww-mmy"?

M: No. It sounds more like "Wooonnnggg". And I keep telling them "Wong's not home. Wong won't be home for hours!".

L: laughing my ass off

Sooooo, I'm excited it's Friday. I hope to move a few things into the new place this weekend and the floor guys should start next week. I hope they also finish next week because next weekend is a long one and that would be a perfect time to move all the things we own. I really don't want to be scrambling at the last minute.
I cannot express how much I cannot wait to be done with this move. SO MUCH!
Have a great weekend, peeps :)

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The Perfect Space said...

I plan to be back in town late Sunday next weekend & have Monday off. I need to do laundry & stuff, but I could help with moving mid-afternoon, if you still need it.
Let me know.