Monday, January 23, 2012

Textversation with J regarding the peculiarities of morning hair

About this picture:
Leslie: My hair knows you were making fun of it, and now the cowlick is back with a vengeance.
J: Iiiiiiiiii wasn't making fun of it, I was admiring it.
L: Ah, yes. In that case I think it's trying to woo you.
J: It's working.
L: Thanks for encouraging it.

In other news, the floors in the first apartment of the new place have been ably repaired:
They've also been sanded, sealed, buffed, and sealed again but I don't have any pictures of that yet. We're still trying to determine what to do with the floors in our apartment since they're in worse shape and there are two rooms that need to have all new flooring put in. We briefly considered an obscenely gorgeous wood - Brazilian teak - until we discovered that we would be cutting down a big chunk of the rain forest and likely the home of several dozen monkeys in the process. We decided against monkey trees and settled on local oak: less exciting but better for monkeys.

After moving a very modest percentage of my belongings to the new place, J and I went to Flatbread pizza in Davis for some salad, pizza, and these:
It's hot cider spiked with brandy and let me tell you what: You want one. If you don't, you should. Because DANG. It was warm and delicious.

I hope everyone has a warm and delicious day. I have to work, then go to the Apple store because I jammed the volume button on my iPad  (in a cat-related incident, of course), then I'd like to finish packing for my upcoming trip to Malta. Weeeee!

PS. Right now in the back of my car is possibly the most beautiful toilet ever: the Kohler Santa Rosa. If the 14 year old me met the 34 year old me as I was discussing the beauty of this toilet, I wouldn't know me... (PPS. We paid less at Home Depot than the link would have you believe. Just sayin'.)

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The Perfect Space said...

I purchased cider & brandy the very next day, and let me tell you, we mulled it RIGHT UP at Marinda's the next day. It was perfection.