Tuesday, January 24, 2012

There's always a reason to be scared

So, it's my Dad. He's in the hospital because last week he'd been having some stomach pains and they were on and off but then on again. He went to the emergency room with my Mom and the doctors determined that he had gall stones and "slush" that meant that he had to have his gall bladder out. Unfortunately, he couldn't have it done right away because his liver isn't draining properly (because of the stones and slush) so he has to wait in the hospital until his liver gets better.
He's in decent spirits.

He and my mother both insist that my brother and I are to go on vacation anyway. I asked if they were sure. They said yes. I asked again, they said yes again.

I know it's not just me: when stuff goes wrong with your parents, it's scary. It's not that my Dad is a frail old man - on the contrary, he's pretty healthy, generally. I just prefer that nothing be wrong and my parents live on forever. That's reasonable, right?



Sarah Berry said...

Totally reasonable. I just had the following conversation with myself the other day: "You need to start accepting the fact that ONE DAY, even if its very far away, your parents are going to die. They aren't, in fact, immortal. " FYI - I'm not there yet.

Hope he feels better soon & that surgery goes smoothly!

gilana said...

If my parents are going to be immortal -- and they are, as far as I'm concerned -- I don't see why yours shouldn't, too.

die Frau said...