Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Last night I had a hard time sleeping. This is because of two things*.

Thing the first: It was really REALLY cold.
 The Man keeps the thermostat on a program where it's cold during the day while we're at work, then warmer in the evening, then cold while we sleep, then warmer when we get up. I whole-heartedly agree with this program. While you're sleeping you're not supposed to notice that it's cold around you because you're under the blankets. And asleep. The only problem I have is that I wake up a lot and when I do I have the distinct impression that the bedroom has been transported to Hoth and I have no snowsuit and no Tauntaun to slice open and crawl inside for warmth. I've tried burrowing into the Man's skin but that never works because he just turns over and snores directly in my ears as a defense and let me tell you it's a very effective defense.

Thing the second: My ankle was killing me.
 During the night I tend move and stretch and try to pry the cats off of my face. A move I bust out pretty much nightly is to uncurl myself from the fetal position and straighten out as much as possible. This generally includes pointing my toes and stretching my feet, which I did last night, and I had to muffle a cry at the pain. I keep forgetting that my ankle is hurt (idiot!) and that I can't keep doing the things I normally do. I have already noticed adjustments in the way I walk, either lifting or dropping my knee more than usual to accommodate the pain of putting weight on the ankle. I put a lot of my weight on railings on my way up or down the stairs. I hobble. It makes me feel like I look weak and I kind of hate it.
It's been making me think of the other things we adjust to. The non-sprained-ankle things. Pains from sitting at your desk all day. Uncomfortable shoes. People who don't treat you right but you just keep dealing with it because it's easier than saying anything. Comments from family that you could really do without... You know.

I don't want to ignore things I don't like because it's easier.
This has always been hard for me. Whether it's something someone else is doing, or something I could be doing better, it's something I want to change starting now. I'm not calling it a resolution, just a guide. You have my permission to call me out if I'm not adhering to the guide.

Thank you.

*I know you're thinking I'm going to mention the cats, but I'm not**. HA! Suck it!
**Except I just did. Damn it!

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