Thursday, December 15, 2011

Proof we're working hard.

We're working hard. Some of the work is relatively easy:
And, you know,

Some of it is less easy.

 But we're definitely generating our share of trash. Bags and bags of it. Also, there are about 58** Starbucks cups sitting around up in here. We likes our caffeine and we likes it froofy*.

I know technically this only looks like proof that the Man is working hard. But I am the documentations-specialist on this project. I will be able to say: "Sure it looks great now, but let's go through the 450 slides of what the place looked like before we started. Please stay in your seats."

You know you can't wait for the slide show. Don't worry, there will be drinks.

*Ok, I likes it froofy. The Man, who in the past has been embarrassed to say the words "grande peppermint mocha" and used to have me order them, is now generally just drinking regular grande dark roasts. They're bold, just like him!

**Of the 58 cups, here's the approximate breakdown:
48% grande dark roasts for the Man
2% tall dark roast (because the barista clearly did not hear him say grande and he didn't want to be complainy)
20% grande lattés for me (because sometimes I am all business)
16% grande caramel lattés no whip for me (when I am only partially business)
8% grande pumpkin spice lattés with whip because sometimes I MUST treat myself to something with whip
6% grande gingerbread lattés without those weird candied ginger bits because that shit is gross and a very unpleasant surprise when you're not expecting your coffee to have chunks

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