Monday, December 19, 2011

Do ALL the things?

This weekend was full and I am exhausted. I was not looking forward to getting up (it's about negative 40 degrees in the apartment at 6am) or coming to work (though I had my annual review this morning and all is well). I just wanted to sleep and sleep and I almost had the Man convinced that we should just chill out in our blanket fort all day. But, you know, responsibility...

So, to sum up: Friday after work I got to spend time with D! We used to live together and then she moved to Ottowa for what seemed like forever and now she's back but attending Tufts Dental School so we just NEVER EVER get to see her. It was nice to kick back in The Enormous Room with some (several) Moscow Mules, calamari and goat-cheese-stuffed-bacon-wrapped dates. Good times and catching up and stuff. After that I was going to work on the house but I said the hell with that and waited for the Man at home (who was returning from Maine) and we watched some It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and went to bed.
Saturday we got up at 7-something and grabbed some coffees and went to work. The Man's parents came over at around 10 and we all primed ALL the rooms. Go team! Saturday evening the Man and I went to a holiday party in Lowell. It was completely delightful to eat small foods and drink sangria. After we washed off all the primer and dust and dirt we cleaned up pretty nice.

Sunday was an equally early morning. The Man and I took to painting pretty much everything that exists in the world and made really good progress. We still have a bunch to do before the floors can be taken care of, but on a whim after a beer we decided to rip up some carpet and it looks like the floors aren't in bad shape at all (that teal carpet protected the floors like a champ!). We also tore out some cabinetry from the bathroom that only served to make me claustrophobic. Next thing to come down - blinding circus lights in the bathroom! Then the pink toilet! Weeeeee!

Sunday night, I rallied through my tiredness, put on some make-up, and went to The Slutcracker. It's a burlesque take on The Nutcracker ballet. I gotta tell you, when Clara was getting banged at the end of act one and that giant candy-cane striped penis was spewing snowflakes all over the stage, my cold, black, grinchy heart melted a little.
For another taste of what the night was like, here's one of the audience members:
Yes, that tall skinny dude is wearing a corset, cowboy hat, feather boa, garters and high heels. And he looked fabulous!

Now I must get back to work. Even though my hands are twisted into mangled hooks because I was holding a paintbrush all weekend... Typing is a challenge.

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Shelley said...

I'm sorry I missed seeing you Sunday night! I was busy downstairs putting away bras and panties (like you do), and by the time I came up to say hi, you were gone. Sadface.