Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Last Friday, I went to a bachelorette party for this lady.

It was low-key, at a house instead of a bar, and there were no strippers in sight. There was a bout 8 lbs of cheese, many cupcakes, and a feather boa. Also, that is not a trick of perspective, that glass is bigger than her head and holds and entire bottle of wine. Of course, we filled it with pomegranate-champagne mojitos.

My favorite thing that was said the whole night, when the woman of honor, D, was telling a story about playing a gig in a bar where they were having a bachelorette party for someone years ago:

"Someone threw a dildo on stage, and I played my guitar with the dildo. Just for a little bit."

Yeah. I can imagine that would get unwieldy...
Congratulations, D. I cannot wait to be at your wedding in less than two weeks!


The Perfect Space said...

Not unwieldy at all. In fact, later in the night, we remarked how lucky it was that the glass was so giant because it keep the wine from spilling out during all the dancing to Prince and New Edition.

Leslie said...

No, I meant the dildo would be unwieldy. The glass was perfect.