Monday, November 21, 2011

After so long

I finally got the pictures of Puerto Rico off of my camera and into my computer. I will let the beauty of this magical place speak for itself. Just imagine pairing all of these sights with $2 rum punches...

I did not break this coconut. It was like that. It was like that! Like Puerto Rico just knew I'd be by, taking pictures. And I'd want to see the pure white milky center of its beautiful fruits.
I have a lot of pictures of the back of the Man. He has a fine back.
My leg. I have no shame.

I am happy.
Sometimes I pretended that I was a cast member from Lost. Less annoying than Kate, less crazy than the Australian one and less Asian than Sun.
Backside shot #812.

Spongy-thing! Inexplicably, I have about 15 shots of this thing.


Translucent crab. They were EVERYWHERE.

I finally figured out the "night time" setting on my camera.


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Wonderland said...

Oh this looks so beautiful and amazing. Thanks for the pics. I'm glad you had fun!