Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekends full of togetherness are nice

On Saturday after my upholstery class, I went to a wedding reception for a wedding that happened a while ago for D and P. The reception was at MIT, which is very near where I work, so I almost felt like I was driving into work. Luckily the reception itself was nothing like work. Partly because there were dancing people and babies and kababs, but also because I generally don't carry around a glass of red wine wherever I go at work.
It was a very lovely time and everyone was smiling and I always appreciate the celebration of a couple of people like seeing together. Afterward, the Man and I flopped on the couch and were lazy. It doesn't happen a lot, but we were happy to engage in a little laziness Saturday night.

Sunday morning we switched it up and went to yoga together. I enjoy few things more than straining to hold a seemingly impossible position while profusely sweating and then looking over at the Man and having him wink at me. It undoes me completely.

Later we went to breakfast and then began doing things around the house in earnest, and his parents came over for an early dinner. There have been several people in his family with health concerns recently and he thought his parents just wanted a little low pressure, easy being together. And it was nice. They had quinoa for the first time. Yum.

There's a scene in the movie The Witches of Eastwick where Jack Nicholson is talking to Cher about the unsatisfying banality of going home to take care of her child and house because there is always more housework - there are always more dishes to clean, more clothes to wash. He's right, of course. I spend lots of time cleaning the same counters and putting away the same dishes and folding the same clothes. But I'm happy about the memories of those meals and the yoga we do in those clothes and the laughing we do while making food on those countertops. I'm grateful.
This was a good weekend.

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Anonymous said...

It was awesome to see you there!