Monday, October 3, 2011

Keeping the color

I'm trying to avoid wearing only black and grey all fall/winter. I tend to fall into this rut because I only feel like wearing black and grey because WOE IS ME THE EARTH IS DEAD. You know how it is.
Today I wore this scarf around my neck, flight attendant style:
No one ordered a drink from me, so I guess it went ok.

P.S. HOLY freaking EYEBAGS it looks like I've been boxing.


The Perfect Space said...

I purchased 2 scarves at Found in David. Per our agreement, they contain colors.

The Perfect Space said...

PS-I changed my blog name. And I blogged yesterday.

Sarah Berry said...

I was JUST thinking this week that people in America don't wear scarves enough! I only own the winter kind, so I'm fully including myself in this. Brava!

Now, can you do me a solid and bring back leg warmers?? I'm DYING for them to be fashionable. The little 80s dancer in me will never die...