Thursday, October 6, 2011

Travelly Traveler McTravelpants.

There have been years when I didn't go anywhere for a vacation or a business trip or... anything.
But that's not the way I want my life to go. I like to travel. I love to see and taste new things. To discover that there is a different kind of music I've never heard, or a landscape I'd never imagined. I like doing ordinary things in exotic places. I like being with friends and family in different countries.
My brother and I are pretty lucky in that my parents took us on lots of vacations to far away places. My mother loves to go everywhere - anywhere, and she's fearless about driving on any roads (or even "roads" if we're talking about Wales). My father traveled everywhere for work and though he was less enthusiastic, he understood the importance of the experiences.

In four weeks the Man and I are heading to Puerto Rico for a few days to surf and hike and eat and play. I'm excited that we'll be far away, together. I look forward to reading on the beach and finding places to eat delicious breakfast and feeling like I'm a world away from home for a little while.

And, for after the holidays, my brother and I have planned a trip to Malta. I haven't been to Europe in a few years and I am eager to be in the middle of the Mediterranean, exploring.

Obviously it's not financially viable to constantly go on vacations, and I doubt that work would let me stretch the vacation policy that far, but I think it's important when I do have the opportunity to go on this kind of an adventure to take it.
Take it!

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