Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some things about living together

Last night I was waiting for the Man to come home so that we could go to yoga together*. I was reading Health magazine** on the couch and he came over and sat next to me and we started talking about work and he began to take off his socks and roll them into self-contained balls and I stopped him and said:

Leslie: Wait wait WAIT. You don't pull them off in little balls, you pull them off whole and then actually roll them up?? On purpose?
(side note: this means that when they go in the laundry they get wet but to do not get clean AND do not get dry in the dryer. I am so skeeved out even writing that)
M: Yes. Well, they're damp and I want to keep them that way.
At which time I paused, stared at him. And then busted out laughing for about 5 minutes. He knows me, that guy.

 You know, I thought that once we lived together we'd spend more time together than before. And we do spend more just-got-up-in-the-morning time and also more oh-I'm-so-tired-let's-get-to-bed time. But not a lot in between. Walking back to the car after yoga I realized that we wouldn't be spending time together (awake time) again until Saturday. And no alone time until next Monday.
Whoa. That's way different than I was thinking. This is really just Part One of "Things I thought would be this way when we started living together but are really very that way". Stay tuned...

*Yes! We go to yoga together and I think it's cute!
**Wow did this magazine make me mad. It's supposed to be about your HEALTH but there was this whole section in the middle about make-up - which is totally fine except that under each make-up heading was the subtitle:
Yep, you need it!

Are you fucking kidding me?? Health magazine is telling me that I NEED face primer and brow filler and concealer and and and... Just NO, Health. I will fuck your shit up if you get on me for not wearing face primer.


die Frau said...

That's why I stopped subscribing to Shape magazine. I did not like the "shape" they promoted. I *need* to be healthy by eating well and exercising. I don't *need* primer. You should write a letter.

Point the second--balled up socks. I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU.

Leslie said...

I was thinking of Shape as I read it! I remembered how the renewal cards read: "Don't lose your Shape!"