Thursday, October 13, 2011

I have become a weirdo

PROOF: After work last night I went to yoga*. Power Yoga. I was sweaty  and I twisted and I balanced for an hour and a half and after I went home and showered I sat at the table and watched a couple of episodes of 30 Rock on my iPad. While I was doing this I felt lazy. Lazy! I actually wondered if there was some other physical thing I could do to pass the time so that I didn't atrophy.
I know I have mental problems when I need to convince myself that I am allowed some downtime after working all day and then going to yoga. Clearly, I really need to watch all the Star Wars movies this weekend on the couch. I meant to do it last weekend but I was too busy doing things. Who am I? It's like I don't even know me.

*And then my cats did something funny!**, and then I ate a delicious dinner!*** Let me tell you about yoga and dinner and cats over an over again! FOREVER! Spoiler alert: That's the whole blog!****
**Yeah, they didn't actually do something funny so much as I caught one of them peeing in the basement***** and I chased him around and around, shouting like a maniac until I slammed my toe against the stairs and decided I had been beaten. And then I felt like crying.
***Actually, last night I did not eat a delicious dinner. Instead I waited for the Man to tell me that his delayed flight landed so I could pick him up, bring him home, and eat. But he had already eaten (rightfully so) because his flight had been delayed and he was stuck in Pittsburgh. When we got home I had a small apple and a slice of salami.
****Sometimes that's what it feels like to me, too. Sorry.
*****What the fucking fuck is that? Why? WHY? I am good and generous with food and petting! Up with this I will not put.

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The Perfect Space said...

I think it's the cat dieting, as A is having the same issues. They are punishing you for making them skinny.