Friday, September 23, 2011

Some things on a Friday

Last night I had a dream that I was going to marry Peter Dinklage. Is that guy super-charming in everyone's dreams, or just mine?

I used to think that movies that ended with a twist (or a fake-out) ending like The Sixth Sense or Inception were very cool and inventive, but now I feel like it's been done so many times that it's just an easy way out when a writer doesn't want to actually think of and write an ending. (I still think The Sixth Sense and Inception are cool, but lots of other movies just use that sort of ending as a crutch, in my opinion.)

I can no longer stand the nice, polite youngsters on every street corner in Central, Davis and Harvard Squares asking me if I have a minute to stop violence against women or whatever. Yesterday I left the doctor's office and I really just wanted to go home and one of these sweet young things asked
Excuse me! Do you have a minute to stop violence against women?
to which I replied
No. I don't.
What I wanted to say (but it would have made me linger longer than I wanted) was
I spent all of my minutes trying to feed the hungry children and rebuild Japan and support rights for gays and end Aids and also Cancer. Because these are some of the charities I've given to this year. Not that I think I'm better than other people because plenty of people give more of their time and money than I do. But still. My money is mine because I earned it and I can do with it as I please, of course. In general I don't like talking to strangers and I don't like being forced to talk to them on the street and though I completely understand why they do it I do not like the emotional terrorism of giving you only two choices: either be a hero who has a moment to stop violence against women or admit that you do NOT have a moment to spend on the poor women who are victims of violence. Of course all of these causes are good. But come on, it's not feasible for me to give money to every one of these charities and I cannot tell from one 3-minute conversation if the charity is legitimate, or how much money goes to the actual people who need it. I realize that many of the charities that do this ARE legitimate, and need money and need to reach people to spread the word, but I'm conflicted because I hate this method. BOO to me, I guess.

I am supremely happy that it is Friday. I've had not the best week and a half at work and now more than usual I'd like to be in the safe confines of my home with my cats and my Man and my movies. And my WINE.

I went to the lady-doctor yesterday and she has this habit of asking me all kinds of mildly-personal questions and then writing down the answers and then bringing them up again the next year. She is extremely nice and seems very competent and has lots of teaching- and work-related awards in her office, so I don't think it's weird. I think she just genuinely wants ladies to feel like they're been paid appropriate attention. She seems to really want me to get married and have the babies. Which is nice. I also want the married part and probably also that other thing. When's that going to happen?

I frequently wish the Universe would get off it's butt and give me some clues about my life, my future, stuff I could be doing better. I suspect that's not the way things work, but it's fun to fantasize right? The other day when I was at a marathon brunch with D he asked if I would rather be clairvoyant or have the power of invisibility. I chose invisibility because it seemed less like cheating and more passive. But now I'm wishing I didn't have to choose.

This has gotten weird. Enjoy your weekends, all.


Just Another Idealist said...

Clairvoyant. For shiz. But wait, do you actually have the power to change the things you see? Because it would SUUUUUUCK to be able to see it, but then be powerless to change it.

Wonderland said...

Duuude, I freaking hate those kids too. In Boulder, it was always "Do you have a minute for the environment?" and I would say "No" and feel like such a jackass. But I said No for all those reasons you listed! Emotional terrorism is right, man. They suck.