Monday, September 19, 2011

Slowish weekend

I enjoy slow weekends.
Friday night I had dinner-and-a-movie night with the Man. We watched Thor. Well, the Man suffered through Thor and I fell asleep. I didn't think it was good. Plus, I am just done with Natalie Portman.

Saturday I re-finished a dresser and the Man prepped the basement floor for painting. It was nice to work near each other but on completely different things. I also re-started my upholstery class (my chair is getting to be awesome!) and bought groceries for pizza at the last minute because oh boy did we want pizza. (See what I mean about the weekend being slow?). Saturday we watched Battle: Los Angeles and drank a lot of wine with our pizza. The food and drink were wonderful; the movie was much less so. We've been on such a crappy streak with movies. But they've all been recommended by people, I swear!

Sunday morning the Man left super early to go hike Mt. Washington with other manly men and I met D at Sabur (in Teele Square) for brunch. We had brunch for 6 hours. Many topics of conversation were covered and lots of delicious biscuits (with apricot butter and fig jam) were consumed. A lazy and chatty and delightful time was had by all. After that I ironed and did laundry and reorganized the closet and drank tea. I am almost as exciting as my grandmother used to be when she would fall asleep while knitting. Oh, Oma, you so crazy! (RIP, Oma.)

I did manage to hear a cool thing on NPR about self-control. The interviewee said that people who are strictly religious are more likely to have better developed self-control than non-religious people (because of all of the rules involved in actually behaving in accordance with a religion). The same with people who set rules for themselves. For instance, people who endeavor to stop cussing, or say "yes" instead of "yeah", or only speak in complete sentences - they also have better self-control than average folk who don't do those things. Since I am unlikely to start being religious all of a sudden, I was happy to hear about the latter group of people. My default is to try for those things, but I've been super lazy lately. So my mission is renewed. I will end "yeah" and I will try really really hard not to cuss unless the situation demands it (subjective!). The thing about the complete sentences? Well, who has that kind of time? So I'll replace it with trying not to answer questions with "what?", which I do now and I hate.
If you catch me failing at these things PLEASE feel free to point it out. Or pinch my arm. Or flick my ear. How else will I learn? HOW??

Fuckity fuck fuck fuckballs!*

*Just getting it out of my system.

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