Monday, September 12, 2011

Holy freaking great weekend

Holy potato, you guys, this was the best weekend ever.

So I've already mentioned that Thursday's performance of As You Like It was pretty darn good, despite some "issues". That night was also slippery and cold. BUT! Friday, Saturday and Sunday were just amazing. The weather was beautiful. We had in excess of 200 people show up Friday and Saturday and almost 200 people on Sunday afternoon.

Everyone put in SO MUCH work and effort and energy and it showed every time we were on stage. The good humor and patience that the cast and crew demonstrated every day made this the best show I've been a part of. Like, ever.

Highlights for me include:

Friday night a young girl could not contain her enthusiasm so she sat *thisclose* to the stage and during my epilogue she shouted "You're pretty!" at me. I met her and her delightful family after the performance. That's another thing! The energy from the audiences was fantastic. They were really into it and they laughed and cheered more than I expected.

When I was lying in bed with the Man we had this exchange:
L: Did I make a good boy? (note: Rosalind, my character, pretends to be a boy throughout a lot of the show)
Man: Yeah. You looked like this kid Travis I knew. We were good friends when I was about 12.
L: Was he hot?
M: He was all right.
L: Do you want me to wear the beard for you at home? (I wore a fake soul-patch in the show)
M: No.

I'm sad the show is over (in the usual "I was a part of something so cool and it took up all of my time and NOW what'll I do that could be that good?" sort of way), but I am excited to have some free time again.
We struck the set for several hours yesterday and then went to the cast party hungry, happy, and tired. I left early because I knew that I would be beat for work if I didn't. As it turns out I'm still pretty beat, but content.


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Just Another Idealist said...

Best. Evah. (So far.) So glad we went the same night as that little girl. Adorable!