Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Yesterday the Man put an offer on a house. This house was... perfect isn't the right word, but... it was five minutes walking to the Davis T. It was within spitting distance of the church* where most of Theatre@First's rehearsals and shows are held. It had HUGE living spaces (despite tiny bedrooms). It had a great big driveway. It was a corner lot with TONS of light and a lovely kitchen. Sigh.
We loved it. We wanted to live in it. I had already furnished it in my head (typical) and so had the Man (atypical).

The Man saw it yesterday. He put an offer on it. When I came home from rehearsal for Sleepy Hollow he told me that the realtor called. And... And... And someone else bid more money** and we didn't get it. I was a little too bummed given we'd just seen the house for the first time on Sunday. He was too.

Last night I couldn't really sleep. I don't know if it had anything to do with the house, or if it was also my weird schedule lately, and maybe the fact that the show is over and I'm a little let down because of that. No matter. Everything will go on and I'll go on with it. Hoping another really cool house comes up for sale in the perfect spot.

*Not that I spit on churches. But seriously, I could probably see inside the house from the church steps. That's how close it was.
**It's easy to forget, but the sums of money for real estate here are absurd. A down payment for a house here could easily get you a lovely house (in its entirety!) elsewhere in the country. So, you know, offers have to be considered carefully. But it's disappointing when a place slips through your fingers. Right?

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Anonymous said...

Bummer, indeed! Here's hoping he finds something else soon that you can love at least as much, if not more!