Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A short list of some things

1. I LOVE it when people say, as an opener, "How do you do."
Love it.

2. I got measured for a Katrina Van Tassel costume for a performance of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Below my measurements the nice costuming lady wrote:

small bust

Honest. Factual. Who am I to complain; she seemed like a professional...

3. At rehearsal last night I didn't do a great job. I flubbed some lines and kind of snowballed - it happens. But the very encouraging rehearsal assistant who has to go throughout every line and note what we said wrong - even if it's just one word - went out of her way to let me know that I'm doing well. Other people are also super nice about it but it's especially good to hear when it comes from someone who spends a significant portion of a beautiful day chronicling your errors.

4. I've been in a Microsoft Excel class for the last two days trying to make myself more efficient with pivot tables and macros and v-lookups. There were some people there who were way more advanced than me but others who said things like:

You can sort?! In Excel?!

Yes. Yes you can.

Note: I have no idea how to edit since I'm typing this on my iPad and none of the editing functions appear... So... Yeah.

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Sarah Berry said...

The husband had to take an entire semester of an Excel class for his MBA degree and it's INSANE what that program can do!

Now every event in our lives is accompanied by a colorful Excel spreadsheet complete with graphics and sliding scales and embedded tables and fancy math equations - it's a whole new world.