Thursday, August 18, 2011


When I come home between work and rehearsal, I feed the cats (and then I put the container with their food back where I found it). I get something to eat (and put my dishes in the sink or dishwasher). I change my clothes (putting the dirty stuff in the laundry basket). Still, for all the things I do, if you got there right after I left again, you wouldn't really be able to trace the steps I took, though you may guess some of what I did.

Not so with the Man.

When I come home from work, and he's already come home and left to go do something else, I can CSI the hell out of what he's done and almost every step he's taken. Why? EVIDENCE.

I know he took off one shoe when he entered teh kitchen and one shoe as he got to the refrigerator, because those shoes are still in those exact spots. I know he ate some cereal because the box is on the counter instead of put away and he doesn't roll down the inside bag (like I do, to prevent the cereal from getting stale). After that I believe ho took a shower because his pants and shirt are inside out on the bathroom floor among several small puddles. His toothbrush is on the sink and there is a gob of toothpaste near the faucet. His underwear is in the hallway. He appears to have sprayed the cats with water for one or more offenses. I know this because the spray bottle is not where I keep it near the bed, but on the dining table.
See? He's easy. 

Now I wish I took a picture...

This weekend the Man is going on a sea-kayaking trip with some buddies and I will be all alone. Everything will be so tidy!


Merefitz said...

The shoe thing has always amazed me, its like they just fall off of their feet while they are walking....and they don't even notice...baffling!

die Frau said...

And herein lies the challenge: Can you deal with this? If you mention it in a non-nagging way, will he change? Which of these battle do you want to fight?

I write this as someone who has dealt with it...and still is. The man takes off his shoes and just leaves them in the middle of the doorway/the floor/the stairs. How does he not trip over them? How many pairs of socks does he take off immediately after coming home and leave them balled up on the den floor? LOTS.

So I ask him to be mindful of some of it, remind myself that I have my own annoying habits, and focus on the tons of love.

But I do grit my teeth a fair amount and mutter, "How can he not DO X/Y/Z? Doesn't it just make SENSE to put things away?" And then I try to focus on the love.