Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One month in

I made this graph to try to illustrate how the Man and I are doing one month into living together.
It's not that easy to read, but the top blue line is our pre-move in happiness average, the red dotted cloud-line is our happiness during July and the yellow line is move-in related stress.
Considering what we were working with at the start, I'd say the results are pretty good. Part of the stress also comes from the fact that we both are hella-busy with work and activities. So, it's hard to be together and nest. Also, the Man doesn't really like to nest so much as he likes to cause lots of chaos with every item in our home. I came in yesterday after work to find a box of bandaids on the coffee table, the bandaid wrapper on the sink and the two peel-y things from the actual bandaid on the dining table. Also, his wet towel was on the bed in a heap with his dirty gym clothes and his used cereal bowl was still on the kitchen table. SWEET!

The Man is terrific, I think he just has selective blindness.

So, am I concerned that we're not up to previous levels of awesome happiness? No. In fact now I'm thinking I should have added a line for "relative comfort with each other" which would have gone from high to higher. Also, perhaps, a line for "sense of humor about move stress" which would have started low but shot up.

It's good.

And I think once we get a little more actual time together while we're, you know, awake, it'll get  better and better-er.


gilana said...

That's very good to know. I will try not to freak out if moving in together with my boyfriend does not turn every second spent together into a romantic scene from a 1950s comedy (preferably with Cary Grant), or does not magically make my boyfriend fart rainbows. (But it totally will, right?)

Leslie said...

Well for YOU GUYS it probably will. Just give yourself, like, a 5 to 10 minute adjustment period, ok?