Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just checking in to see how you are. Because for me, everything is the same...

So, yeah. I know I haven't been posting much in the way of actual content. But here's the thing: Nothing is really changing. Day to day things are pretty much EXACTLY the same.

I get up, got to work, come home from work, make myself some dinner, go to rehearsal, come home and clean up, go to sleep, repeat. Repeat, repeat, repeat. I mean I do stuff... I've been watching Parks and Recreation (SO! GOOD!) on my iPad. Last night I had a lovely dinner (nachos and margaritas at Rudy's) with G before rehearsal (where we learned a dance we'll have to do on stage. I always think I'm a good dancer but then I have to remind myself that dancing actually has steps whereas what I'm doing is more flopping my hips about to the rhythm... kind of...). Last weekend before Irene hit I had a delightful ladies night (wine, cheese, Life Alive). So, yeah. I'm doing some things.

But MOST of the stuff I'm doing is the same. And for the next couple of weeks, anyway, I'll be doing even MORE of it. We're coming swiftly upon our performance dates for As You Like It (Davis Square, Sept 8-11), the budget and planning stuff I'm working on at work is ramping up like crazy... There's always more cleaning to do because I live with the man.

But this stuff won't be the same forever. The show will end, the budget will be complete, and well, no, I think the cleaning will always be there, but still. I'll move on to other things, and hopefully they'll be interesting things that I can write about. I think it's time to have another adventure or two. This is, after all, the Year of Adventure, and I've really not been doing anything about that recently.

This Friday is my birthday* so maybe I can have an adventure that's birthday-related? We'll see. Either way, I'll keep you posted...

*Which reminds me that I have to join the gym before the end of this month. I have never belonged to a gym, so this is a big-ish thing. I promised I would join so that J and I could do yoga after work (the gym is right down the street from my office). To the GYM!

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Just Another Idealist said...

Adventure! I think joining the gym counts. It's kind of a big deal for you.