Monday, August 1, 2011

Corn niblet toes

I spent some serious quality time this weekend with J, A, K, and Baby J. Dang that boy is cute. And hungry. And sweet. And then hungry again.
You can just hold him if you want all of your problems and concerns to melt away (temporarily of course).

Also! his toes!
They are the approximate size and consistency of corn niblets. I know this because I performed a gentle squeeze-test. Not a chew-test. Promise.

It was a relaxing and wonderful weekend. We ate lots of cheesy, meaty, sugary foods, had some wine, talked and laughed and swam and held the baby. K is such a doting and thoughtful mother and her Mr. was clearly made to be a dad.

It was wonderful.


Now back to responsibilities, cleaning, work, memorizing, laundry, etc.

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die Frau said...

Well, you are just wonderful and you may hold him as much as you want. He got lots of extra love this weekend!

p.s. I have to run...he's hungry. ;-)