Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why best friends are the best

Texversation with J yesterday about this coming weekend's trip (Fri-Sun) to Buffalo to see fellow Colgate ladies K and A:

Leslie: Do you want to go to a show Thursday night at the Oberon?
J: I'll be at Johnny D's Thursday, but thanks for the invite.
L: Ok Cool. FRIDAY then!
J: Three whole days of Colgate lady love, awww yeah!
L: You know it's gonna be so fine!
J: True! And so much Shakespeare! Yay! (J promised to help me run my lines)
L: Thou speakest true!
J: Thou fucking knowest it.

Thou fucking knowest it? I sure do.


Sarah Berry said...

Kiss that baby (and those ladies) for me!

Leslie said...

Will do. You are honorary Colgate, after all...

Ouiser said...

that's awesome.

die Frau said...

Whoo hoo!