Thursday, July 14, 2011

Porter Square T station

Have you ever walked up all of the stairs at the Porter Square T station? I have. There are jillions of stairs, so my method is to keep my head down, focus on the music coming through my earbuds, and just do it without thinking about it. I always feel mildly accomplished at the top.

The thing that I don't do is run up the stairs because I simply don't have the energy to do that and not crumple to the ground in a hyperventilating crampy heap.

Except! My second time in the Porter Square T station ever I was coming into Porter with J and I ran up the first set of stairs, knowing that I could expend the energy because I would simply take the escalator for the second set. I raced her to the top only to find that the escalator was down and being serviced. OH COME ON! Oh, J laughed and laughed. At me.


Beowabbit said...

Mare and I have a tradition of kissing on escalators. We like Porter Square Station.

Leslie said...

Ha! Awesome! Definitely plenty of time for making out there :)