Thursday, July 14, 2011


Holy potato you guys tomorrow I'm taking the day off from work and going to the Brimfield Antiques Show with M. She's my partner in crazy furniture love and we will be leaving at the crack of dawn to get there as early as possible because there are MILES of furniture and antique-y goodness just waiting to be perused and fondled and haggled over. By us. Oh yes.

The sad thing about this is that I have been forbidden by the Man* to buy anything that has any actual mass and so that is a challenge I'll have to work around. Perhaps I'll purchase a few of the "smalls" they have on display... (Smalls: little things for sale at markets/shows; these things are not big)

Whatever the end result of the purchasing I will be super thrilled to be away from work on a work day, outside, tripping over people who would sell their mom for a genuine thingy-bob from the year 1806. I'm sure we won't run into any crazy people... But in case we do, I'm bringing the water spray bottle I use on the cats. That way in case someone is descending upon a thing that I want, I will distract him by squirting him in the eye. Ha ha! I am an evil genius!!

So, yeah, that's what I'll be doing. Then after I'm heading home to have dinner with my bro and watch the last two episodes of Game of Thrones. Good times!

*When I say I have been forbidden I don't mean that that Man tells me what to do so much as he strongly suggested that unless I want to see his heart and head explode simultaneously I try not to bring any new items into our home since we don't need anything except to decrease the amount of stuff we already have. Since I really don't want to see any of his parts explode, I agreed without reservation. Except now I kind of want to buy stuff. Like that dresser I accidentally bought last weekend at a yard sale and left in M's garage... um....fuck... OOPS?


Merefitz said...

My comment was going to be something thinly vailed about there being 6 available drawers of storage in my garage where you could store your "smalls"... BUT YOU TOLD ON YOURSELF!

Merefitz said...

Also, as you know, I too am insanely excited about this trip... Brimfield is pretty much my disneyland : ) YAY!!!

Leslie said...

Ha! I don't think the Man has ever even looked at this blog (perhaps out of fear) so I should be safe :)

Just Another Idealist said...

Hahahaha. You ladies are going to have an insane amount of fun at this place.