Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wow, things work fast

My brother just emailed me to tell me that he disagrees with my assessment about love (previous post) and also Boston (post before that). So I thanked him for disagreeing and asked him if he thought love was someone making him a breaded chicken sandwich* while he plays video games.

To which he replied:

Before I read the entirety of your last sentence, my thought was,
"There's no way she will be able to sum up what love is with
her remaining words". But I was wrong... Love is exactly that -
Someone making me a breaded chicken sandwich whilst I
play video games... ;)

Then he responded about a different matter:

Yes I don't want you to perish in a terrorist attack and I will help
you move your big shit.

To which I replied that I didn't know anyone could sum up the concept of family so beautifully. We're so good at this!

*His favorite kind of sandwich (with lettuce, and mayo on one side of the bread). Our mom makes really good ones.

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