Monday, June 13, 2011

Weight loss fanatics

I took Conan and Kail to the vet on Saturday after my upholstery class. Kail was so scared when we got there that he slinked (slank? slunk?*) into Conan's carrier for comfort. A bit pathetic, but totally adorable.
Last time they were weighed (and deemed too fat)

Conan 17lbs
Kail 20lbs

This time (when I was told to stop the weight loss)

Conan 13lbs
Kail 15.8lbs

So, you can infer that I am awesome at kitty weight loss, or that I am running some sort of terrifying gulag/labor camp for cats. I assure you, it's the first thing.

*Spell-check thinks it's slunk...


Just Another Idealist said...

Two questions:
1) Does that mean I have to stop making fun of them now? If so, Damn!
2) Can you take my dog for a while? He also needs to lose weight & our program doesn't seem to be working.

Leslie said...

1. You can still make fun of them, but now it has to be for all of that extra skin.

2. No. The cats would eat him. Then no one would be happy. Except the cats, I suspect.

Just Another Idealist said...

At least he would lose weight.