Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I stand corrected

So, yeah. On the heals of my post from yesterday, I guess THIS is really more what it's actually like.
I say this because last night, the Man, after snoring for a half hour turned to me and said, "Baby, can you move over, you keep pushing me too far to the side". I, who had been NOT sleeping but listening to him snore for thirty minutes, did not speak, only jammed my body further into the cats.
His bed is a queen-sized bed. Perhaps this will indeed change things (though, in my experiences sleeping at his house, I can say that it will not change things).
Is this man worth a lifetime of sore muscles and smooshed half-sleeping? I think so. So that's good.

Last night after dropping off a check for the fabric for the new chair I'm working on in upholstery class I went over to the Man's (on his request) so that we could plan for moving my bigger things this Sunday. He made some dirty martinis and we did plan. I also tried to get an idea of what sorts of things I could change. Rugs in the bedroom? Check. Tab-top curtains that I do NOT like*? No dice. Towel bar and hook in the bathroom? Check. All of the wires and cables? No dice...

We also talked, in a general and non-planning way, about living together in future places. It was a good, practical conversation. I asked, after dirty martini #2, if there was at least some part of him that was excited about moving in together as a life choice, since he's been so hesitant. He said yes.
The Man will never show lots of enthusiasm about this stuff. I either have to live with that, or decide it bothers me too much and I can't live with it. The answer is that it does bother me** but not so much that I can't enjoy all of the awesome stuff about us. So I have to get over it; I'm just bad at getting over stuff. I want people to meet me in the middle (or, if I'm being 100% honest, closer to my side, because I AM RIGHT DAMN IT).


We'll see how this goes. I am simultaneously excited and terrified. I have nothing to fall back on if we don't have a good time - no apartment I can just go home to if I want some time to myself. We've spent the last few years always at my place where I say where things go and I make most of the decisions. Now we're living in HIS place. It'll be ours, but he owns it, and that makes a difference.
The good thing is we really like each other. We're compatible, we have a good time. We generally get up together and go to bed together. The same things make us laugh, we share delicious meals, we go to get coffee and walk around the square. I think this is going to work for both of us.

*No offense to tab-top-curtain-lovers. They're just not for me. Of course he has them on EVERY window. In beige. And they hang on the floor :(
**Because for me, a lack of enthusiasm means that I am NOT enthusiastic about a thing and generally I am quite enthusiastic about things I like or want. For him a lack of enthusiasm is just normal. This means that he is also prone to less drama than I am, which I like. About him. Not me - I like me plenty dramatic.

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die Frau said...

Use your yoga--take a deep breath and slowly let it out. Now do that a few more times.

As someone who knows, fortune-telling never gets you anywhere but frazzled and tied up in "what-ifs". Enjoy the happiness of the moving in, cramped bed space and all! (For the record, I know you are.)

And trust me, I sympathize with you on the SNORING.