Thursday, June 9, 2011


Most mornings, when I hear the alarm go off, I think: "Huh? Oh nooooooo."

This morning, When I heard the alarm go off for the third time (I had pressed snooze in my sleep the first two times), I didn't really think anything. I just lay there, opening one eye, then the other, knowing that I was not ready to start this day. Then I had to actively decide whether or not I was going to let today happen. Obviously I decided that I would proceed with the day as usual, but that answer did NOT come easily.

That's how tired I am. Moving preparations and rehearsals and a bedroom too hot to sleep in and cats and a man sleeping on me and my natural ability to turn anything into a stress-fest are all working against me. Man do I need a nap.

I hope you all take naps today. No? Ok, then. Go on ahead without me and have a regular day. I'm just going to sit here and rest my eyes. Just for a minute...

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