Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shuffles McGee, that's me

I'm wearing this skirt today. It's long and has no slit so this is the limit to how long my stride can be while I'm walking:
For most of the year I drive to work but for the lovely months I take the T, which means I walk about 13 minutes from my place to the T station, take the train, and walk 10 minutes from the T station to my workplace. This stride pictured above is about 2/3 of my normal stride. So today, I looked like a shuffle-y shuffler. My legs were moving very fast, but I was hardly getting anywhere. Awesome! To make myself even weirder looking, I made sure to mumble angrily the whole way to work. This wasn't difficult when I was on the actual T, since it was jam-packed and I despise being touched by strangers.

But! Tonight I am going out to dinner at The Meritage on the waterfront in Boston with J from the theatre. We call it culinary adventuring (to go along with the Year of Adventure theme). Of course, I'll have to shuffle all the way there and then home again too. Le sigh...

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