Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In which I demonstrate a sixth sense... um, kind of...

Last night I took the T home from rehearsal (after a drinky and a snacky) with G. While on the T we both noticed an advertisement for a study at Harvard.

G: (reading from the advert) Do you think you have ESP or a sixth sense?
Leslie: No.
G: Me neither. Too bad, I would have liked the $400.
Leslie: I know, right...

As we were getting off the train and taking the stairs up from the platform I was talking about friend groups and how I always think that everyone I categorize as "theatre friends" (for example) must know each other, since I know them. I then said:

For instance, I'm having dinner Thursday night with JG, and...

and just at that moment, JG turned around because she had been directly in front of me without my noticing.

Leslie: Whoa.
JG: Well, hello.
Leslie: I change my answer. I think I have a sixth sense!

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