Tuesday, May 10, 2011

likes and dislikes

I like salad (this particular salad is my lunch).

I dislike that after eating a salad (unless it's enormous), I feel like I've eaten nothing.

I like plants and planters and vases with flowers.

I dislike planters or vases shaped like animals or people who have the plants or flowers coming up out of their heads. I think this is creepy.

I like that I'm a faerie in an upcoming hippie/bohemian production of A MidSummer Night's Dream. I like it a lot.

I dislike that one of the performance nights is the night of the Will Dailey/Ryan Montbleau boat cruise. I dislike it a lot.

I like that I'm moving in with the Man in just over 7 weeks!

I dislike that this will be my fifth move in six years. I'm tired of packing and unpacking and carrying up and down. And since he's looking for another house to buy and move into, I feel like this will be a two-part move. Maybe I'll be super-careful about the things I unpack...


Just Another Idealist said...

When are the other performances?

Wonderland said...

I have also moved every year for the last several. Your hypothesis is correct, don't unpack everything. If it gets to a point where you haven't unpacked it by your next move then just get rid of it all together. We just this past week decided NOT to move this year and it's a huge sigh of relief. Good luck!!

Wonderland said...

PS: I also dislike that about salad.