Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend, movies, stuff

This is what the Man and I had for dinner last night: salad niçoise. It's light and delicious and I was trying to offset the eighty bajillion tons of Easter candy I've ingested. All right, that might be an exaggeration, but it doesn't feel that way. So, light!

The weekend was delightful and also food-ful. Saturday I spent the morning with my bro, going out for breakfast (with bloody marys), watching Black Swan, having lunch. Black Swan was very good and beautifully shot and indulgent and also easier to view if your fingers are splayed in front of your face for most of the time - for protection. I assure you that it was easier for me to watch 127 Hours - that was actually less intense... Both very good movies, though (I didn't even want to punch Natalie Portman!). Then, Saturday night I had a bunch of people over for Thanksgiving 3. We ate and ate and laughed and watched some episodes of The X Files and a good time was had by all.

Sunday brought Easter which meant going to New Hampshire to the Man's parents' house. We ate more and oh my goodness even more?! And someone made a cake. It's like the world was against me. Then we escaped the deluge of food and went home we watched The King's Speech and oh wow, that was also really really good. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were so so engaging and they were not the only ones! We both loved it and after it was finished we rolled ourselves to bed to digest the weekend's binge.

I thought I was really clever only bringing a banana and carrot and celery sticks for food to work yesterday, but I underestimated the evil-ness of my colleagues. They brought cast-off Easter candy. DAMN THEM TO HELL. So, salad again tonight...

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