Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chihuly. And also wieners...

Last night, a bunch of the local ladies went out because the lovely and talented I! was in town from Colorado. We ventured to the MFA to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit (which they almost didn't let us into because it was full but we are sweet-talking geniuses with all of the resources available to womankind). There were five of us and we were cool.

Anyway, ART! Apparently a lot of art has to do with wieners. Some of them are covered up (barely).

Some are RIGHT IN YOUR FACE. See, right there is an exposed dong...

breakfast sausage!

And some are kind of sketched out but unfinished... And also surrounded by mouths. Weird.

... oral?

But! Enough of that. Let's look at some glass, man.

This stuff was amazing. Every piece was a riot of color and a celebration of form that shot out at you. J said it was like Willy Wonka, and I would add Dr. Seuss.
Some pretties in front of other pretties. Shut up, I know my cell phone camera sucks.
Some of the pieces looked like fireworks.
Or sea monsters in a canoe.
Or an Alice in Wonderland forest.

You had to look up to see these:
A whole ceiling of psychedelic jellyfish...

Here's J in front of a tentacle-y blue chandelier. Gorgeous! And the art is also nice.

And the lavender-blue stalk/birch forest. It was eerie.

Three story high reverse Christmas tree! Held up by magic!
So, in conclusion: Chihuly = amazing.

After the museum we needed to get a drink. Mostly because it took us about 30 minutes to actually leave the museum. We got held up trying to pay for the parking, then we walked passed some giant metal baby heads in the grass (and J pretended to be the voice of one and she kept asking me to kiss her giant baby head - GAH!) and then we sat in front of the closed parking lot gate for lots of time lamenting our thirst and the fact that we were spending our 30s sitting in I!'s rental car...
But! Eventually we made it to Citizen's on Boylston. We had some drinkies and also some munchables while we caught up. They had a fun sign for the bathrooms:
Here's me, in the stylish subway-tiled LOO. You stay classy, girl.
I washed my hands!


Just Another Idealist said...

Hahaha. I think this may be some of your finest work.

Merefitz said...

Dude! Don't you love that bathroom?? It may be my favorite evah : )