Friday, April 15, 2011


OMG you guys, the Man and I watched 127 Hours last night. WOW. It was kind of awesome. Other than the fact that my entire body was rigid and my brow furrowed the entire time, of course. James Franco was surprisingly good and at no time was I like "Get on with it! We all know what happens here!" Seriously, if you can stomach it, see it. Also - don't do outdoorsy stuff alone and always tell someone where you're going, when you're going, and when you're planning to return. Please.

Other shiz I've been doing:

-Working on my upholstery class. It's cool. OnWednesday night I cut my fabric (which is terrifying since it was not cheap). I hope to start reconstructing the chair innards tomorrow morning. I also hope that I can continue taking classes this summer because I have another chair that needs to be re-upholstered in my car right now... I'm an addict. It's a medical condition...

-Going to see fabulous Burlesque with G. I would have taken pictures but the MC said she would take any cameras she saw and destroy them by "squeezing them between her tits". I don't want to buy a new camera so I abstained. But please let me tell you that anything titled "Nerd Burlesque"? Is awesome. The group was Rogue Burlesque and one of their guest performers was a woman who did a strip tease dressed as Boba Fett from Star Wars. Seriously? If seeing Boba Fett strip down to nothing but pasties and undies and combat boots isn't on your life list I might not want to know you.

-Eating delicious food. Like this:
Yesterday I went to Think Tank in Kendall Square with S and we had sweet potato fries, asian greens, naan with edamamme hummus and cold peanut noodles. There was some giggling and it was delightful and we ended up quite full.

-Tonight I'm going to watch The Fighter with the Man and just chill. Yay, chilin'!

Also! Colors!
And buds!!

Enjoy the weekend peeps!

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