Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just another weekend

Sometimes I feel like I have a lot to say, or something important to say, or something I must get out of my brain and share. But, other times, not so much. Like now. So, pictures!*

Beer. It is important to occasionally share a beer with co-workers to foster camaraderie. Sometimes you owe a co-worker a beer because of a stupid bet about a spreadsheet. Lame, I know. Gah I'm boring. But hey! Beer!**
Hmm. Other times beer is not enough. Or you're looking for comfort when you're alone, rather than camaraderie. At these times, I like to lean on an old friend: milk and chocolate. These two have gotten me through a lot. I actually didn't need any comforting this weekend, but I did want it... Mmmmm... dark chocolate truffle...

Oh hey! Here's a thing I actually worked on rather than consumed! So I think I mentioned that I'm taking an upholstery class? Yes, I did. Anyway. Here are some shots of what I'm doing.
There's an alarming amount of measuring and re-measuring that happens in this class. I'm taking a modern chair with clean lines, that was terribly upholstered (it was covered with a perfectly reasonable black vinyl, but whoever did it didn't properly put any support structure in the chair so there were rips in the center of the chair and ottoman) and trying to make it something that will last forever. And The faux-ostrich skin I'm using is gorgeous. For realsies. You will all want to come over and sit in this mofo.
Labeling is also super important. Not only because you want to remember which piece of cloth goes on which part of the chair, but because almost all fabric has a grain and you want to be consistent. The teacher praised my proficiency*** for specific**** labeling.

Here's the naked ottoman stripped down all the way. Scandalous! I shall recover it soon.

Here's the basic shape of the chair. It's got pretty great legs, too. I'm not sure if I trust myself to re-stain them, as my re-staining efforts have been, well, questionable in the past...

And seriously would any weekend be complete without some cat shenanigans? I couldn't find Conan at one point and I was starting to get worried until I realized that he'd gotten between the curtain and the window on the back of my chair-and-a-half. But, he quickly sank down the chair until he was in a curtain cacoon.

*Dude, yes. I know my pictures suck. Here's why: I actually have a nice camera that takes decent pictures, but I don't have it when I'm going anywhere but to a wedding or on vacation. What I do have with me everywhere I go is my phone. My regular old, crappy, non-smart phone. So, that's what I take pictures with - because it's all I've got at the time. So sorry. It's not art.
**It's an Alagash.


die Frau said...

I kind of miss beer....

You are an upholstering goddess/madwoman. The cat also reminds me of one time when I was living with Dr. Monkey and couldn't find Boo...she'd curled up around Dr. M's home brewing vat, which he'd wrapped up with a blanket to keep the temp up in our cold apartment. I didn't have the heart to move her...or tell Dr. M.

Leslie said...

HA! Awesome.

Animals: they're so lucky they're cute.