Thursday, March 3, 2011

These things I know

1. If you get horrible trivia questions, you will come in DEAD LAST at trivia. I went to my bro's hotel Tuesday after work to much on some bar food and play trivia. The two of us have a lot of accumulated knowledge from years of playing Trivial Pursuit, and also from being nerdy. Somehow, none of that was helpful... I got the first question right:

What flaky Japanese bread crumb has gained popularity in the West over the last few years?


So I think that gave me a false sense of superiority. My brother and I each put in a valiant effort but when the questions are so long and confusing that you can barely understand what they're asking for, then you have to just take another sip of your Greyhound and another bite of your small sandwich* and wait out the round. There were also too many sports and sports-related questions. I know virtually nothing about sports and my brother (who has boy-DNA and is therefore at least somewhat knowledgeable about sporty-things) couldn't come up with the appropriate obscure facts necessary to get the questions right :( BOO, trivia. I'll see you in HELL!

2. When you're sick, and you drink half a bottle of champagne, but then you go to bed and you want to sleep so you take a very generous swig of NyQuil, you WILL be hung over. Yeah, so I didn't think of it at the time as "mixing drugs", but there you go. I had rehearsal last night until a little after 9pm. The Man came over afterward and we drank champagne and talked about politics and watched some Deadwood and then we went to sleep around 11:30. But I didn't want to cough and clear my throat all night so I took a long pull from the NyQuil bottle. It didn't occur to me until I tried (to no avail) several times to open my eyes and get out of bed that I had taken an unwise dose of depressants. Oops. My bad...

3. In Harvard Square, right near the T stop, there's a Citizen's Bank. There was also a fancy man's watch store which has closed. There will apparently come springtime be a Starbucks there. It's the third Starbucks in Harvard within just a few blocks. I'm not saddened or enraged by this because I genuinely like Starbucks. I like the coffee. I like the fact that you can work there for 20 hours a week and get health insurance. I like what I have been told are fair business practices. BUT. The last few days as I drive by on my way into work I've seen two guys protesting. They have a giant sign that says:


Really? Are they? I always thought that being fair and good (relative to the rest of corporate America) was sort of their thing. I shall have to look deeper into this. Maybe while sipping a froofy coffee***.

*OK it was a slider but I hate HATE the term slider when applied to food. It makes me think of a slimy thing that slithers its way down your throat, not a delicious adorable mini-burger. Because of this, I have to call them mini-sandwiches. My brother and I ordered a mini-sandwich platter.
**Seriously? I am a conversation alchemist, because I turned this conversation about family and politics and world-connectedness into a relationship talk and the Man did not even know how we got there. Luckily it wasn't the kind of conversation that ends in tears, we were just talking about the state of the union, so to speak.
***My froofy coffee**** of choice right this second would be a grande caramel latté with an extra shot - you know, to counteract the champagne/NyQuil hangover...
****Cute aside: Sometimes the Man asks me to order a froofy coffee for him because he loves it but feels less manly ordering it. Peppermint Mocha is usually what I get him.

SBUX update from this site.


Just Another Idealist said...

I guess since the NLRB made that ruling, Sbux will NOT be unfair to workers. SO WE CAN TOTALLY GO to one of the 3 conveniently located stores in Harvard Square. Yay!

Leslie said...

I like the way you think :)

Teresa said...

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die Frau said...

I also find that when I have played Trivial Pursuit, it happens that one team gets the impossible questions and the other gets questions about what they ate for dinner. Or, at least, all the questions to the other team are ones that I could answer. I find this unfair. Also, STOP ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT BASEBALL FROM THE 70s.