Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From here to there

These last few days I went from here:

(Tropical sunrise margarita* at Chili's in New Hampshire)

To here:
(Chicken soup I made Sunday** and bread I got at the Somerville Winter Farmer's Market)

I'm sick :(
Not terribly sick, really... Just throat-hurty and achy and blah.

Saturday the Man and I went to visit his parents in NH and went to dinner. Also, we discovered that my feet are similar in size to his mom's and therefore I would be able to borrow her boots and skis for our trip to Sunday River this weekend. Yay! No rental fees!
We all ate Mexican food, and it was delightful.

Sunday the Man and I got up and went to Bikram (hot) yoga. We drove 45 minutes through ice and snow to get there (I have a Groupon that was $20 for 20 classes - so worth the drive). It was kind of awesome to be at yoga with the Man since we both love it so much but have never done it together.
When we left yoga, the Man's Starbucks radar went wild, and we drove about 200 feet out of the way to get latt├ęs. How that man can identify Starbuckses just by sniffing them out is kind of amazing.
Upon returning to Somerville, we split up to do stuff. I did laundry and made soup, and then relaxed because I started feeling gross. He came over later and we snuggled and souped and watched Deadwood and I felt awful and was very happy for bedtime.

So, it's Tuesday, I'm at work, and I don't feel well. I'm looking forward to taking Friday off and skiing with the Man and our old boss and his wife. Fun times. I'm sure I'll feel better by then. I had better, anyway.

*Seriously? This thing, which was LARGE, was like $4. Do you know how much it would be in Boston? A lot more than $4.
**The weird thing is that when I planned to make chicken soup, I had no idea I wasn't feeling well. Predictive, healing soup...

Post script:
If you listen to Adele's Rolling in the Deep and you don't feel at least six different strong emotions and you're not stirred to your freaking depths, you may want to check to make sure you have a soul. It's THAT powerful.

Post script the second, or a list of things I correctly identified from my bed as I heard them tumble to the floor when Conan the Destroyer got up on things and started pushing some shit:
-a fork
-my ear buds (one bud viciously chewed)
-the cord that connects my iPod to my computer and the tray on which that cord typically resides
-the metal mail holder I bought from etsy as well as the mail, postcards, and cds I kept stuffed in that metal mail holder
-the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD
-(later) the case to the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD
-my sanity

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