Monday, March 14, 2011

Food and recording and flowers and hysterical scientific instruments - just like any other weekend

Everyone changed their clocks forward, yes? Good.

This past weekend was short on the Man (as he only got home yesterday and we snuggled on the couch and he fell asleep quickly), but long on most other things.

Friday night I went with J to her co-worker M's birthday at Dali for tapas and wine and good company. I generally have unfortunate social anxiety around so many new people, but occasionally I am able to just turn it off (with the help of champagne) and have a good time. This was one of those times. You know what the best thing about tapas is? The fact that you can eat all of the following things in one dinner:
Lamb chops
Lamb roast
Garlicky* shrimp
Pimentos stuffed with something green and delicious
lobster ravioli
Pork tenderloin in amazing-sauce
Deep fried strawberries with chocolate ice cream

Seriously? Delicious. Then at the end J and I got hot cocoa (Mexican hot cocoa for me) and said good night. I was in bed at a reasonable hour and full of happiness.

Saturday I went to the "studio"** to record for the sci-fi podcast series I'm in. It's this. It's very good. My episode should be out in June, if you're interested in me being all old and other-worldly.
The recording thing was actually very cool. Since I've only ever seen people record things on tv, I felt vaguely show-businessy.

After doing that, I walked into Davis Square with another guy from the show and we saw these:
And the lovely white flowers above. FLOWERS, people. It's happening. I know! You knew flowers were coming and warm weather and all of the things that always come at this time of year. But I admit that every year, I kind of doubt it will happen, so I am always pleased and surprised anew.

Saturday night I went to J's and A and M were there and we ate soup and drank a little wine and watched a movie and I fell asleep on J's monster couch and you know what? Friends are the best thing ever, especially mine.

Sunday I did a ton of stuff around my place, which felt great. I also made some oatmeal raisin muffins, which were delightful (but I brought most of them into work because I'm already not super-thrilled with my weight right now and I'm about to go to Aruba where I'll be showing a lot more skin and so I probably don't need any more sugar). I also went to rehearsal for a one-act and it went great! Except that our rehearsal space is in one of the empty classrooms at Harvard and it's their spring break so we had to wander around to find an unlocked empty room and when we did it was right next to this:
It's the Museum of Hysterical Scientific Instruments. Which sounds hilarious, yes? I loved it. Then one guy in the cast said it was probably old gynecological instruments, which it likely is, and then I decided I just didn't want to see them because I have an awful enough imagination and the current gynecological instruments are enough for me. But HYSTERICAL? Still awesome.

*I love this word: garlicky. The added "k" is so super.
**studio = church basement

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Wonderland said...

FLOWERS!! I almost wept at the sight. They're not here yet, but you give me hope :)