Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I went for some drinks with a theater friend last night. We got to talking about adventure (if you'll recall, 2011 is my YEAR OF ADVENTURE!) and she mentioned just getting back from Peru and having kayaked on lake Titicaca and well... there were so very many jokes. TITICACA!! We ran into another friend who suggested building a Hard Rock Café on the lake and that no doubt those would be the best selling HRC t-shirts of all time:


Right? Right? Hello?

In any case, I think she and I may go on an adventure together. We discussed hiking up humongous waterfalls on this island whose name I've already forgotten. Or maybe bike-touring through Napa. Something wonderful and fun and memory-ful.

Another reason not to pick your nose while riding in the car during your morning commute:
You will probably drive next to your HR manager. And be stuck in traffic next to her. Not that I was doing that. That time...

I am very cold but I am wearing a thin dress because I hate winter. My car doors and windows were frozen closed this morning and I am tired from AGAIN being awake and thinky at 4:30am. And furthermore: WAAAAAH.

That is all. I'll stop complaining..........................................NOW.

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