Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend therapy

It turns out that for three unmarried, babyless women, THIS:
is pretty great therapy.

Yesterday, A, J and I got in the car to see our friends, the S Family on the South Shore. We brought coffee cake and got a lot in return.

We all took turns holding Ben, who is about 8 days old. It was kind of magical. He squirmed a little and made adorable baby noises and oh my my I didn't even drop him once! And I got to burp him! Tehre was much discussion about the fact that babies have to be this cute otherwise people would drop them off at firehouses with alarming frequency.

We spent about four hours smelling his baby head and rocking him from side to side. Then we had to go. After all the baby-sweetness and all of the eating of only sugar that we'd done we needed something else to eat.
Nooooo. Not more candy, ladies.
Yes. Exactly. HOT DOGS. They were made of heavenly salty heaven.

And then J had to go crazy and suggest that we get some ice cream. Which we did. MISTAKE.
We also saw this lovely sunset over the water on our way home. It was a good day :)

I am afraid of tomorrow. We're supposed to get another 4 to 6 inches of snow. I don't think I'll ever be able to park near my apartment again, and I think the road may get so narrow it'll barely even be one-lane anymore.

Sad face :(


Just Another Idealist said...

Correction: three BABYLESS women. I assure you, a child was had by one of us. I have the stretch marks to prove it.

Leslie said...

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. He's just so tall it's hard to think of him as a child. But yes, three babyless women.
I didn't forget about him, I merely thought of the beanstalk he's become and discounted him as a child. You are right, OF COURSE :)