Monday, January 24, 2011

Sleep, food, cold

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep (but couldn't) I was missing the Man, who was in Maine skiing and stayed there to do his consulting gig today. I realized how helpful his presence is not in helping me fall asleep so much as making me feel content and relaxed enough to be able to fall asleep.
So I tried to fall asleep by deciding how we would arrange our furniture when we live together. At first I did not think this exercise was helping me fall asleep until I realized that I was having thoughts like this:

We can put my desk next to the bookcase and his desk next to the dinosaur.
If the kitchen doesn't have two tables, how many dinner guests could we seat in the bathtub?
Maybe I am falling asleep.

Luckily the Man comes back tonight.

Saturday night some ladies and I drove to Amesbury to consume an unholy amount of carbohydrates and cheese and other things and also wine.
I will list the foods I remember to give you an idea of our consumption: various veggies, dip, pita chips, dip, nuts, tortilla chips, dip, 15 different kinds of delicious bread, potato garlic soup, cheeses, banana-walnut bread, chocolate, cupcakes. Oh cripes! After a while we were moaning and doing yoga stretches to help our poor distended bellies.
Here's J trying to see me over the expanse of food on the table. Helllllooooooooo to that side of the table!
And here's M, pleased with the bounty and wine drinking and laughing.
I took this picture to prove that I was awake at such an hour. This was on the way home. The lovely A was driving, since I had been drinking and she had abstained.

Today my car was veeeeeerrrryyyyy sluggish on the way to work. It's possible that the cold weather had something to do with that. The temperature is -2 degrees (without windchill) and we can expect a high of 12 degrees today. Oh yippee skippee! I shall bask in the warmth!
Seriously, my fingers are freezing and I didn't want to open my mouth outside for fear of my throat freezing. I feel for the people who don't have any place to be warm. We're having a coat drive at work and I think I'll bring in an old coat tomorrow.

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die Frau said...

When T is not here to fall asleep with, I inevitably fall asleep later than usual after setting the TV on "Sleep". Sometimes Penny crashes on his pillows. But no, I don't fall asleep well without him. I kind of love that.